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Gluestep enterprise services

Gluestep services are here to help you succeed, whatever size your organisation and however complex your situation.

Gluestep can be used by customers to undertake their own problem analysis without any additional assistance from the Gluestep team.

However, we understand that sometimes customers will require help to get the most out of Gluestep and achieve greatest impact.

See our Pricing page for product add-ons and extensions.


Gluestep services can be engaged at any time to help with:

  1. Gluestep product experience

  2. Mapping to the Gluestep Transformation Framework for strategy implementationbusiness processorganisational structure, resource capability, capacity.

  3. One-off assessment of a program, project, business change or transformation.

  4. Deep-dive assessments, including coordination of customer’s teams and specialist advisors and suppliers.

  5. Feedback compare and contrast with existing reports, plans, risk assessments, supplier arrangements

  6. Identification of remediation measures

  7. Design of Gluestep feedback Projects

  8. Setup of Gluestep feedback projects, briefing and coaching users and stakeholders that will provide their responses.

  9. Interpretation and analysis of Gluestep results, remediation actions, issue analysis.

  10. Comparison and analysis of task system plans, reports, risk assessments.

Contact us to discuss your specific needs.

Gluestep for Transformation

Gluestep is designed for transformation and change, designed to improve your productivity, designed to help you get more out of your teams, suppliers and consultants.

  1. Before you begin - Use Gluestep to help define your change.

  2. As you start - Use Gluestep to start well and head in the right direction.

  3. During Delivery - Use Gluestep to keep delivery on track and your stakeholders engaged.

  4. Finishing up - Use Gluestep to maintain readiness for the next challenge.

Before you begin

Before you even begin transformation, Gluestep can help you to define the landscape, organise and structure your sequence of changes and improvements, and begin engagement of key groups and individuals you will be relying on for transformation success.

We can work with you to create the first map for your transformation using the Gluestep Transformation Framework.


This will also show you where to deploy Gluestep to gather feedback and monitor progress and status as you move into the next stage of your transformation.

As you start

As you start your transformation, Gluestep can help you keep on top of the noise and confusion, preventing valuable feedback and opinion getting lost or not even heard. Gluestep helps reveal lurking dangers and hidden issues whether you are already running agile prototyping projects or developing your delivery plans and sourcing your suppliers.

We can help you update and maintain your Gluestep Transformation Framework as your map for transformation and assist you in deploying Gluestep to collect targeted and structured feedback. We can then provide coaching and assistance to interpret and respond to the feedback information Gluestep is collecting for you and help you manage and remediate any issues you encounter.


Using Gluestep provides more structure than is usually available at this point in a transformation and sets you up for a smoother, more efficient delivery experience.

During Delivery

During the main phase of your transformation, Gluestep continues to inform you about your stakeholders and end users, making sure that the picture being painted by your suppliers and project teams is accurate and includes everyone's concerns, giving early warning of emerging issues.


We can help you adjust and expand Gluestep deployment to get the most out of your Gluestep investment during your transformation delivery, and continue to provide coaching and assistance to you and your Gluestep users.

This is the time when it is still possible to adjust course and take on feedback, which Gluestep's fast feedback makes possible..

Finishing up

As you reach the final stages of your transformation, Gluestep can help identify what will remain after formal completion and become the long-term improvement map for your organisation.

We can provide regular health checks and advice after your major transformation has wrapped up.

Maintaining a view of your organisation in the Gluestep Transformation Framework will enable you to respond faster to the inevitable changes and challenges in the future.

If you get stuck

We know transformation is difficult, and organisations often get stuck or have to reset. The Gluestep approach to transformation can be engaged at any time, and the mapping and feedback gathering tools and techniques will help get everything back under control and facing forwards again.

We can tailor recovery and remediation with you through our Gluestep Professional Services channel.

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