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About Gluestep


Gluestep Pty Ltd is based in Sydney, Australia.

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Adam Ryall is the founder of Gluestep.

Adam works with businesses and organisations to develop solutions that efficiently manage business transformation.
He designed and built the Gluestep system to assist organisations monitor and measure the impact of business renewal initiatives in real time.
Complicated transformations with many moving parts are an area of specialty for Adam. He works closely with his customers to identify and design workable phased solutions for transformation.

Adam is drawn to understanding how things work and has a particular talent for identifying existing and new technologies that will support improvements in business processes. His own technology platform, Gluestep, provides the transparency businesses require when implementing a transformation.
Adam excels at asking critical questions and helping his customers find useable answers. He is committed to achieving outcomes and ensuring his customers get results.

Adam draws on International experience across a wide variety of industries and business sectors when working with organisations to re-imagine their business.
He applies modern business thinking and the Gluestep system to achieve amazing transformation outcomes.

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