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How is Gluestep different?

Gluestep encourages you to look for problems, so they are surfaced sooner and addressed earlier.  We know that a hunch or an inkling of trouble in the mind of someone in your team with the right expertise can, eventually, turn out to be a real issue.  Gluestep doesn't force you to wait for data before capturing and starting to process that hunch - if it is right, you are on to it far sooner than with alternative approaches, and if it is wrong, you have analysed and disproved it at little cost.

What do I have to do differently?

Accept that any moderately complex organisation doing anything slightly difficult is going to encounter numerous issues and that identifying them is not a sign of failure or team incompetence, just realism.  Also get used to a lack of consensus and group-think when using Gluestep's feedback tools because someone out there might be telling you something valuable.


How does Gluestep increase productivity?
Gluestep increases the pace of information flow in your organsiation, alerting you to potential problems sooner and when you can do something about them. This means less delay and rework, increased fit to end-user need and lower total cost.

Who is Gluestep for?

Gluestep is for anyone who is working in a team doing something complicated, loosely defined, changeable, challenging or difficult, where gaining greater visibility of issues gives an advantage.  You might be involved in a project, which is the world from which Gluestep developed, or doing something less structured, or more regular and repeatable, but where good quality information is hard to acquire in time to be actionable.

How much effort do I need to put in?
Gluestep is designed to help you and increase your organisational capability and agility, so the more time you invest, the faster you will benefit. Gluestep is designed to benefit executives and managers, so functions well in time-poor environments.

Where do other consultants and experts fit in?
We assume that you will be using consultants and other 3rd party experts in your organisation so the Gluestep is designed to help get the most out of them and increase their performance.  You can use Gluestep to increase the success of your activities, and to increase the effectiveness of your consultants.

Do I need to be a manager to use Gluestep
No, you just have a need to coordinate or combine the views of a group of people. We call them a team in Gluestep, but they do not need to be in any formal organistion or structure.

Is Gluestep just for projects?
No, it is for any activity where a team is working together to deliver something difficult or valuable.  Knowing what people are worried about so it can be dealt with will help make the activity more successful and succeed sooner.

Do I need to be a project manager to use Gluestep?
No, it is designed to be used by anyone and does not need special project management knowledge. Gluestep can also be used to manage project managers and increase their performance.

Does Gluestep make middle managers obsolete?
Nice idea, just not yet, but Gluestep is designed to digitise middle management and if used broadly across an organisation it could reduce the total cost of middle management.

Where is Gluestep?

We are based in Sydney, Australia, but available worldwide.

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