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We created Gluestep to make transformation successful

Updated: Jun 15, 2023

Gluestep was created to make business transformations more successful.

Big change, especially transformation, is hard to get right, and too often does not succeed.

Problems and issues can be hard to find and hard to address, often emerging as nasty surprises.

In this article by two authors at the Technical University of Denmark, based on their research and published here by the London School of Economics, problems are described as ‘lurkers’, waiting to give a nasty surprise at the most inconvenient time:

Based on our years of experience in large transformations, we felt that the toolset available to change leaders was lacking something and nasty surprises all too common.

So we created Gluestep.

Gluestep is an innovative system that is different – we are different – we want to find problems, not hide them, so they can be fixed. This is what Gluestep does.

We developed Gluestep around the concept of ‘Structured Intuition’: the combination of appropriate structure with the knowledge and intuition of the right people.

Using a structured approach to managing change helps provide context, enables you to orientate and control activities and respond effectively to issues and problems. Structure and context make prioritising easier and ensures that nothing gets lost.

The earlier you involve your stakeholders and gather their feedback, the better your chances of success.

Gluestep provides you with top-down structure quickly and efficiently, so you can focus on managing your organisation and being successful. From the first discussion or workshop about your change, to you being up and running with the first iteration of Gluestep only takes a few days in most cases.

Gluestep provides the platform on which you can make informed decisions about how to improve your business, ultimately leading you to success.

Continuing to involve stakeholders throughout the change makes success even more likely. Reveal those lurking problems sooner and so they can be addressed while they are containable!

So if Gluestep can help you and your organisation, visit us at or get in touch at and start your journey to transformation success!

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