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Announcing Gluestep Frameworks!

We’ve reached another milestone!

The next level of Gluestep is now available: Gluestep Frameworks are the situation maps you need to steer your Gluestep feedback Projects and put you back in control of any complex situation.

Frameworks can be tailored to your specific requirements, or you can begin with a simple example by answering two questions and Gluestep will build a Framework for you complete with issue highlighting a status rating. Try one here or browse for more in the Gluestep Shop.

Gluestep is the digital middle management solution to today’s productivity problems/challenges.

Tackling today’s productivity problems requires a digital solution for the middle of the organisation, the space between leading and doing - Gluestep.

Gluestep addresses two questions: ‘Why aren’t things working as well as they should?’

and ‘What is going to trip us up?’. You, and your teams, have the answers, but you require Gluestep to provide structure and regular feedback to make use of this knowledge.

Gluestep builds capability in uncertain and changing situations and it works with you to navigate and succeed. The more you engage with Gluestep, and the more you use it, the more it gives you.

And to make Gluestep more secure and easier to use, we have added user self-service and access management, which brings enhanced sign-up efficiency and log-in security to Gluestep users. Gluestep is designed to be fast to set up and start, and this makes Gluestep even easier to use.

Contact us at for more information about how Gluestep can help your organisation succeed.


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