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The Gluestep difference

Gluestep equips you to lead and navigate change and disruption in any organisation

For people leading change, or responsible for a service in a complex environment where measurement is subjective, and performance can be hard to quantify, it can be a noisy, confusing environment.

You may not know what to focus on, or which information to pay attention to. Getting ahead of issues is vital.  Meeting the challenges of our emerging post-Covid world is going to require new thinking and new ways of working.

Gluestep provides this.  We believe that the answer is to apply structure and set up a supply of reliable information: think of it as having a good map and high-quality feedback to tell you where you are and where you need to go.

We created Gluestep for you to achieve this. Using Gluestep frameworks and templates, and gathering regular feedback through the Gluestep web platform and our Apps, you develop an informative and growing picture of your situation, so you can respond, take action and succeed!


Transformation success

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Gluestep principles

You gain three powerful benefits when you use Gluestep


Using Gluestep frameworks and templates, you can position and orientate your initiative, no matter how challenging your situation.


Using Gluestep to gather regular feedback from stakeholders turns qualitative opinion into useful data.


With Gluestep you can be confident that you are heading in the right direction and are equipped to deal with anything as it arises.

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Gluestep advantages


Applying the Gluestep framework to your situation is fast and tells you where you sit and where you are going.

Whether you are leading a change or major transformation, or responsible for delivering a service to distributed customers eager to provide early feedback, Gluestep improves your awareness of your position and provides the basis for navigating to success.


We help you set up Gluestep to gather relevant and structured feedback from your stakeholders, which could be the end-users in a digital transformation, members of a distributed innovation team or even the ultimate customers of service providers you are engaging to deliver your strategic objectives.  Gluestep helps you be confident that you are heading for success.


We want to change the way things are done

Gluestep is growing

We built Gluestep to make a difference, and we are just at the start of our journey.  The changes that Gluestep can achieve are only limited by your imagination.  We love to hear what people think and how we can incorporate that into our roadmap so why not get in touch and tell us?

Gluestep is a service to help you achieve your objectives, so it can be provided simply, as the technology platform for you to self-manage after initial set up, or we can help you all the way with our professional services team to make sure you get the most out of your investment.

We can provide tailored Gluestep solutions for different situations, with fast-start options available for urgent requirements, and the Gluestep model assumes that our customers develop capability to exploit Gluestep further with time, so expect Gluestep to grow with you!



What People are Saying

Gluestep is unique, it really brings strategy to life

Unlike other systems, Gluestep looks and highlights for problems so they can be addressed early and effectively

Unlike other products which require you to know a project management methodology or the technical details of a planning method, Gluestep adapts to your experience level and requirements right from the start.


Find out more

We want to hear from you!



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Thanks for your interest in Gluestep!

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