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Rewire the Organisation

Gluestep digitises middle management

Leading change can be one unexpected surprise after another

Gluestep connects and visualises to help you find and fix early


Be successful and navigate change and disruption in any organisation

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Gluestep project feedback
Gluestep feedback system
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Gluestep rewires the organisation
Gluestep tracks status
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See what is really going on

Don't wait to be told - demand Gluestep now!

Gluestep is a top-down system for organising complex change.
Use Gluestep for Strategy development, Options assessment, Top-down Planning,  Contracting and procurement oversight, Delivery management, Change management, Post-delivery optimisation
All the while maintaining and extending internal organisation capability so you stay in control.

Gluestep is for managing change successfully in a complex world.

If people and their opinions are crucial to your success, but any available information is subjective, so it can’t easily be measured, or objective, but it can’t be measured yet, Gluestep is for you.


Gluestep puts you in control, so you know what's going on: you can make informed decisions, steer your team, and succeed.

Gluestep is your digital middle management solution.


Gluestep starts fast and starts early: use it right from the concept or business case and keep control of the most challenging situations.


Start now by deploying one or more of our templates or watch our video to learn more.

Gluestep helps control complexity
Gluestep feedback system
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Gluestep project matrix
Gluestep scorecard
Gluestep status scorecard
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Gluestep advantages


Get a fix on your position, using our framework, and it will become clear / obvious what you need to fix / address.

Whether it is a disconnect between strategy and delivery capability, or an outstanding decision or missing critical supplier, Gluestep helps you find it.


Get regular structured feedback so you know what is and isn't working.

See problems as they start to emerge, so you can resolve / fix them - we call it find and fix.

Gluestep scorecard helps leaders

With a real understanding of where you are, your strengths and weaknesses and what blocks your success, you can chart a path to success.

Use Gluestep Frameworks, to plot your position.

Set up your Feedback

Getting good information is difficult.

With Gluestep, you can set up feedback across your landscape with our Project Templates.


Whether it is projects, suppliers, teams, or practically anything else you need to know about, Gluestep informs you.

Gluestep rewires the organisation
Gluestep provides structure
Structure the noise

Gluestep helps you cut through the noise and confusion.

Using template structures and regular feedback, Gluestep helps in even the most confusing environments.

Change is hard

There are often too many questions and too much distraction.

Gluestep keeps you focused on what is really important and prevents distraction onto the latest, loudest issue.

Gluestep helps lead change
Gluestep delivers success
You will succeed

Gluestep is about your success..

It helps you right from the start, throughout your change or transformation and even beyond.

Gluestep stays with you.

We want to change the way things are done

We built Gluestep to make a difference. We know that too many change projects fail, take too long, cost too much.


Changing the world is hard enough without unnecessary obstacles caused by poor tools and bad techniques

We think you should look for trouble, not wait for it to find you. Tell your teams what you want to be told about, not just what they want to tell you.

And we thing that you should gather regular feedback in a structured format to get the best results.


So we built Gluestep.

We are just at the start of our journey with Gluestep.  The changes that Gluestep can achieve are only limited by your imagination.  We love to hear what people think and how we can incorporate that into our roadmap so why not get in touch and tell us?


Find out more

Click one of the Start now buttons to go straight to our Product shop, or get in touch using the form below if you want to discuss tailored Gluestep options or get further information about how Gluestep will help you with your management challenges.

We want to hear from you!



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Thanks for your interest in Gluestep!

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